Driven by a passion for wood and criteria of qualitative excellence, Ottocento produces handmade kitchens and furniture accessories in classic and contemporary styles. The ancient and noble craftsmanship processes combine with a sensitivity for technical and aesthetic innovation creating "tailor-made" works that combine design creativity, aesthetic refinement, quality of materials and cutting-edge technology.

  • The Calendario open-shelf layout shows all its versatility in the new cellar version. The cellar spaces can be reorganized becoming genuine rooms for living in and enhancing the spaces dedicated to the passion for wine

  • A celebration of the culinary art, the Cronos kitchen combines stylish refinement and avant-garde technology. The central island features an unusual double work station hob, six burners and a futuristic air extraction system

  • FLORAL is a kitchen in traditional English style. The impressively sized wood panelling dominates the room and endows this model of kitchen with structural and aesthetic harmony

  • Monterey is a classic kitchen in Proven├žal style created in open-pore lacquered oak. Handcrafted wood, stone and iron are skilfully mixed in a perfect balance of aesthetic and functional solutions

  • The combination of black painted and natural oak in the Roveretto kitchen reveals a clear Nordic influence. The lightness and cleanliness of the lines dominate the entire setting, discretely concealing special technical solutions that offer new functional features