Gervasoni offers high quality furnishing solutions for residential and contract projects. Every product is distinguished by careful attention to detail and the use of skilfully crafted natural materials. Gervasoni designs, manufactures and markets furniture created to meet the architectural and stylistic requirements of a range of environments, from living to sleeping areas.

  • GHOST is a collection of unconventional, snug and comfortable chairs. It is an upholstered line that can put on and take off its clothes in a jiffy, giving a look of great luxury if covered in brocade or extreme simplicity if dressed in white linen

  • The austere aesthetic elegance of 18th century furnishings interacts with the simplicity of Nordic forms that are somewhat closer to us

  • INOUT is characterized by an intelligent interplay of materials, shapes and colours. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the collection cleverly mixes teak, ceramics, stone, aluminium and hand-woven polyethylene

  • The balance between the care taken in the design and the material presence of wood and bamboo is the main feature of the Otto collection. Otto: formal essentiality with great charm

  • The spirit of eclecticism and the pleasure of intermingling characterise the rich new Sweet collection. Articles inspired by the knowledge of craftsmen from age-old traditions and ancient and modern materials are used to create games of surprising proportions