Arrital offers design kitchens featuring top quality materials, exclusive designs and highly innovative solutions ranging from vintage to modern. A company that explores all the possibilities and values of a space in order to transform it into an experience of tastes, meetings, conviviality and intimacy, but also a place of class, style and beauty.

  • AK_04 is a contemporary design that combines compositional flexibility, technology and new materials

  • With AK_5, the kitchen becomes a real system focused on 5 different types of opening: from the doors with their elegant 30° cut and painted outer handles to their unique patented concealed hinge system

  • Design and functionality point the way to a new objective in planning: AK_PROJECT. Different aesthetic and functional solutions come together in a unique collection that manages to combine objectives and materials in harmony

  • The wide range of finishes and the different types of modularity offered by the kitchens allow the creation of personalized designs depending on the user’s individual needs. The same design can be adapted to all finishes without making any substantial changes

  • AK_PROJECT is a complete system. The multiple opening solutions are consistently aimed at satisfying every functional, ergonomic and aesthetic requirement