ARIANUOVA is the brainchild of three women - Stefania, Stella and Manuela - united by the desire to create something different and new, capable of bringing an unexpected wave of innovation and beauty into the world of furnishings in Savona.

ARIANUOVA is not just the name of the showroom but also the perfect synthesis of the objective that this store intends to pursue: the quest for ARIANUOVA.

First and foremost it is a showroom but it is also and above all a philosophy for life which translates into a particular ethic based on professionalism, transparency and a passion for work.
The purpose of this space is not limited to simply displaying but rather the desire to become a real working tool for its customers. A training ground for experimenting, touching, expressing and even enjoying with both the eyes and the mouth.
Frequently an interior design project or the choice of furniture starts with an emotion, a taste, an unconscious requirement.

You don’t yet know the elements you need to create it, but you know exactly what you want to feel, what profound inner desires you want to satisfy. ARIANUOVA is Savona’s answer to these furnishing and décor requests.

ARIANUOVA is a showroom for materials, a unique exhibition space featuring a 5-metre high display that houses everything you need to create new environments: coatings, parquet, tiles, wallpaper, textiles, lights, furnishing accessories and much much more.

ARIANUOVA is a place for meeting: people, desires, ideas. It believes that the only real way to plan and design together is through an honest and open exchange of opinions.

ARIANUOVA believes in teamwork: planners, creators, designer, craftsmen and women and visionaries are all welcome. It is a design workshop in which to turn the experience of design and dialogue into something physical, material and entertaining.

ARIANUOVA offers products from companies that reflect its own philosophy: reliable and dependable businesses and craftsmen who present furniture solutions with a soul; certified raw materials and production processes, sought after design, innovation in content, tradition in values and a good relationship between quality and price.

ARIANUOVA is constantly evolving. It offers a fully functional kitchen which is available for chefs for demonstrations, events and tastings and which can transform itself and become a gallery for those wishing to exhibit. It is a place in which to describe an experience, present a book and it welcomes those who want to talk about themselves or others or even those who just want to listen.

ARIANUOVA is everything you need to create an interior design project: tell us all your desires and we will make them come true.


Considered the heart of the home since time began, a magical place for cooking, meeting and talking, today the KITCHEN has changed shape and image in order to adapt to modern lifestyles. In doing so it has increasingly become more multifunctional and flexible because you don’t just “stay” in the kitchen, you live in it!

The LIVING space is the domestic business card, the place that welcomes and represents our lifestyle and our personality. In recent years, this environment has undergone a profound transformation, becoming a fluid and versatile space in which we live, relax, meet friends, have lunch or work. The LIVING space means sharing and everyday life. Habits change and these rooms are reinterpreted, renewing the concept of spaces and functions.

The BEDROOM is the most intimate part of the house, a warm and comfortable place which reflects the tastes and style of those who live there. It is a place for relaxing in at the end of a long day, a refuge for thoughts and desires. In the bedroom we dream, we make plans, we make love.

The CHILD’S BEDROOM is the realm of the children, the corner of the house reserved for sleeping, studying and of course, playing. And when the children grow up, the demands of the parents change: this is why the design of a CHILD’S BEDROOM has to be well thought out, attractive and modular, so as to change with the children of today and the teenagers of tomorrow.

Once considered little more than a functional environment, over the last few years the BATHROOM has acquired a leading role in our homes, transforming itself into a space in which to spend time dedicated to pampering ourselves.
It is now a place that combines functionality, comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

The trend towards HOME OFFICES is on the increase, bringing with it the need to create a real functional and comfortable space in which to work and concentrate - because genius needs to be protected and stimulated!

Outdoor spaces are an integral part of the home, valuable resources that should not be neglected. Whether it is a garden, a terrace or a small balcony, it is possible to furnish an exterior space in a creative, functional and elegant way, creating a delightful environment studied specifically for you and your guests where you can spend time relaxing in peace and quiet.

Proper LIGHTING is an indispensable element in an interior design project. Each room is a world of its own and the light sources, whether natural or artificial must be expertly calculated in order to ensure the optimum functioning and viability of the spaces. In actual fact, light affects both the way in which we enjoy an environment and the psycho-physical well-being of those who live it.

Furnishing ACCESSORIES allow a home to be enriched, decorated and finished, giving a personal and characteristic note to the spaces within.

An intelligent and informed use of MATERIALS is one of the cardinal points of interior design. Resins, natural stones, fabrics, wood, porcelain stoneware and wallpapers offer the opportunity to create unparalleled and innovative spaces with high added value, thanks to a skillful mix of technical and aesthetic performance.

SMALL HOUSES, mini-apartments designed for singles and couples are increasingly popular. As a result there is a need to design convertible and multifunctional furniture solutions that enhance spaces and transform them into modular and highly customizable environments.

Furnishing a LOW BUDGET home does not necessarily mean giving up on aesthetics. The Arianuova Design staff are at your disposal to study beautiful and functional ad-hoc solutions that still pay attention to details yet offer the right value for money - democratic design suitable for every budget!


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