Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi develops original and highly recognizable lighting designs where simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention are key components. The lamps created by Davide Groppi are inspired by art, ready-made, magic, the desire to "do things with the hands" or simply the desire to play with light, because for Davide Groppi light is a marvellous opportunity to seduce and excite.

  • HASHI is a floor lamp designed to provide direct light in a simple and flexible manner. The fundamental component of the project is the joint that, thanks to its forceful tenacity, allows variable placement of the "chopsticks" (Hashi) thereby creating a decisive graphic effect in space

  • A pendant lamp made from Japanese paper. A romantic and easily matched item that will not go unnoticed. The MOON in your home!

  • A project that combines two fascinating worlds: light and music. POPUP is a table lamp and audio speaker with a magnetic base. It houses a speaker that can be connected to any Bluetooth device and is equipped with a rechargeable battery; the two systems can work together or separately

  • A suspension lamp with a rechargeable battery providing a delicately elegant effect. The optical section is magnetically applied to a parabola and suspended through a thin steel cable. QUIQUOQUA allows light wherever you want without the limitation of electric wires

  • TOMOKO is the result of lengthy research in the field of light and well-being and the benefits of natural light reproduced artificially. A ray of light appears to shine into a room from a window and rest casually on the surface of the lamp from which it lights up...