Lago is an innovative Italian brand that looks at design from a global perspective, not just focusing on the individual product, but on how furniture and furnishings communicate with each other and with the space surrounding them. Each Lago piece works like an "alphabet" to be used to decorate and personalize every environment, from the living area to the sleeping area and the kitchen to the bathroom, and also to improve the lifestyle of the user.

  • 36e8 is a modular system, based on the square and designed to allow you to furnish living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the house in complete freedom

  • The Depth washbasin results from the subtracting of volume from an 8 cm thick shelf. A surprising design washbasin that plays with the sense of vacuum and depth thanks to the sloping bottom made of transparent glass

  • Revolutionary in design, the ergonomic N.O.W. larder integrates electrical appliances and can be fitted with a range of accessories such as removable trays, baskets, cutlery trays and fully functional aluminum drawers

  • Et VoilĂ  is a storage system created from the desire to re-interpret the paradigm of the container and introduce new ways of using furniture that integrates fabric as a structural and aesthetic element by eliminating what seemed unavoidable, namely the door

  • Skin is a design washbasin covered with mosaic or resin which seems to "detach" itself from the bathroom wall